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The Clear Retail Solution For Lottery Sales

Abacus: the gateway of choice to connect retailers and lotteries with their consumers in the global market

Lottery providers and vendors

Increase distribution for all your lottery products, diversify your player base, drive sales, expand your brand and connect with new consumers across the whole retail ecosystem.


Lottery Everywhere enables in-lane game purchases using existing Point of Sale hardware.

Target 100% of your customers by selling lottery where they shop.


Lottery Everywhere offers the consumer a fast and convenient lottery experience while buying the weekly groceries.

No queues to buy lottery tickets, and fully redeemable at existing lottery terminals.

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The Abacus mission is to ensure our solutions are simple to use and enable consumers to buy lottery everywhere. Our entire ethos is built around thinking differently.

The Abacus gateway connects consumers, retailers, vendors and lotteries, bridging the gaps between the different parties for frictionless ticket sales and gameplay, enabling lottery to be played everywhere.

Abacus believes the future of lottery lies in integrating with existing retailer and lottery infrastructures. We enable this by providing a highly secure transaction gateway that allows all parties to work together to create mutual growth.

Abacus has a strong focus on speed to market, simplicity of implementation and reducing overheads, delivering a seamless integrated solution to drive increased sales.

The future of lottery 

Integration into existing retailer infrastructures

Easy, smooth, instant

A virtual terminal in every lane


Our solutions are simple to use and enable consumers to buy lottery everywhere on any device. Our entire ethos is built around thinking differently.  


Unlike any other providers Abacus integrates directly into a retailer’s point of sale, giving you full control over the lottery category.

Moving to an integrated retail solution can help you:-    

  • Expand your consumer touch points at low cost

  • Eliminate shrink and reduce retail labor costs  

  • Management and full control of all services per touch point.

Expand your sales touch points by talking to the industry experts

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Marketing is key

The key to success is to tell your customers how to buy your lottery products, and where. Abacus can help advise the best way forward.


Choose your path

Abacus can deploy many different options, products and services across its platform. You choose which is best for your market

Business Meeting

Stay ahead

Retail is changing, and to keep pace, lottery must change too. Abacus can enable thousands of new touch points to sell lottery today.

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"Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go"

Steven Jeffes

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