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Bridging the gap between

lottery and retail

Abacus: the gateway of choice to connect consumers, retailers and lotteries in the global market


Abacus' mission: Lottery Everywhere

The Abacus gateway connects consumers, retailers, vendors and lotteries, bridging the gaps between the different parties for frictionless ticket sales and gameplay, enabling lottery to be played everywhere.

Abacus believes the future of lottery lies in integrating with existing retailer and consumer infrastructures. We enable this by providing a highly secure transaction gateway that allows all parties to work together to create mutual growth.

Abacus has a strong focus on speed to market, simplicity of implementation, and reducing its customers' overheads, delivering a seamless integrated solution to drive increased sales.

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The secret of success is to be ready when your

opportunity comes


Bridging the gap for all the key players

Abacus Lottery Everywhere bridges the 'technology integration gap' between the main parties involved with lottery and gaming services. Take a look at what it can do for providers, vendors, retailers and consumers.