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The Fusion Platform

"The Abacus Fusion Platform is the gateway at the heart of Lottery Everywhere, powering the connection between lotteries, vendors, retailers, and ultimately consumers.

The Abacus transaction switching process engine is blazingly fast. Built around unique implementations of industry standard technologies, the Abacus system is modular by design allowing it to be scaled to meet your lottery’s requirements. New modules, options and functionality can be brought on board with minimal work from the Lottery Host Providers.

The Abacus Fusion Platform has security at its heart. With specialists from the lottery & payment industry working alongside network and technology experts, the Abacus network has successfully passed government audits and independent security reviews. Operating from a closed secure network and unique Secure ID tokens you can be sure the lottery transactions within the Abacus gateway are protected from external tampering.


​Abacus does all the heavy lifting for you. Our fully managed service means there is little work for the lottery operator to do. Abacus handles all integration work with the retail outlets, and our speed to implementation ensures you see a return on your investment much more quickly than conventional solutions."

Paul Lawson



A flexible and powerful channel enablement 


The platform can handle high volumes of transactions



Micro-service architecture allows for flexible deployment of components

Security is at the heart of the platform, working within regulatory controls


Additional sales channels can be added to expand the reach of the product

The Abacus Fusion Platform is embedded in the retailer ecosystem such that lottery sales and services are totally integrated in the retail processes, from brick and mortar up to e-commerce and mobile services. This ensures the lottery's operational and financial processes are seamlessly implemented and integrated into the retail ecosystem.


Abacus also makes sure that all lottery requirements such as security, integrity, safety and age control are met.


The Abacus Management Portal handles the setup of the environment, enabling real time control of every touch point connected through the Abacus Fusion Platform.


Draw based games, instant tickets and digital games are all part of the Abacus portfolio, and can be activated at any time.


The Abacus gateway abstracts the connection between retail and lottery. This ensures any change in the connected lottery gaming or other backend systems can be implemented without any impact to the retailer's estate. This removes risk in the environment and protects both lottery and retailer during transition.

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