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"The Abacus Fusion Platform can deliver multiple products and services based on your requirements. Draw games for both local & national games as print on receipt are fully supported across the platform. We also deliver instant tickets solutions in-lane with both pack activation and instant ticket dispenser technology.


Both draw and instant game delivery can be deployed in the traditional physical brick and mortar stores, or in a modern world, via mobile or e-commerce. Abacus' solution is also flexible enough to provide a seamless cross-over between the two environments allowing smooth regulated transition between the store and online worlds.


No lottery platform would be complete without the ability to support validation and prize payout, and this is included in our suite of products.


Channel enablement through a variety of sales touch points makes Abacus the perfect solution for both retail and lottery."

Phil Bradley

Head of Products and Services

Mobile Phone

Abacus have a new and exciting addition to our suite of products. Watch this space as we expand our digital offering to lottery in-lane

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