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"Whilst there is a trend to move to a purely digital platform, the retailers who current sell lottery products are keen to embrace both current and new ways of thinking. Abacus can provide an invaluable cross-over service that sits between the old traditional way of selling physical tickets and games, and the new world of digital.

Retailers are moving towards integrating game play into their Point of Sale ecosystem through the use of in-lane technology providers such as Abacus, opening up the distribution points for traditional physical games and providing a transition element that overcomes some regulatory restrictions.


This cross-over technology allows lotteries to offer the new and exciting world of digital gaming with the ability to continue to sell in store, keeping regulators, players and retailers happy with the experience.

Correctly handled the retail integration should be a seamless transition and require minimal additional training for retail staff, improve reconciliation and accountability, improve relationships with customers and strengthen the lottery brand image."

Simon Butler


Business Meeting
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