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Marketing is key

"As we all know, playing the lottery is all about making dreams come true. The small stake that could make your day with a nice win or a life changing prize. Large jackpots incentivize consumers to play the lottery and prominent merchandising and signage is essential at the point of purchase to trigger the call to action and drive sales.

​For retailer integrated solutions, such as an in-lane program, this marketing and merchandising strategy is even more important. A solution such as the Abacus Fusion Platform delivers a new opportunity for lotteries to engage directly with consumers.  Since the lottery purchase is now part of the consumer’s regular shopping basket, it requires a change in thinking around how to market the lottery category.

As retailers move toward new delivery channels such as self-service solutions, in-store merchandising and signage for how and where to buy lottery should also adapt.

​Abacus can support you by connecting with partners who can help and present proven methods of in-store merchandising and signage that drives your retail and lottery business."

​Edwin van Zon

Head of Sales (Europe)

Edwin van Zon

Head of Sales (Europe)

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