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Toshiba Global Commerce announce partnership with Abacus

Abacus Solutions International Group today announced a partnership with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (Toshiba) to increase lottery points-of-sale and create new opportunities to significantly increase retail clients’ access to lottery ticket sales through Toshiba’s TCx™ Elevate digital commerce platform. Abacus is a UK-based technology provider for lottery. The company’s Fusion Platform™ system enables retailers such as grocery stores, drug stores and big box retailers to sell lottery tickets from existing cash registers, without modification. The Abacus Fusion Platform sits at the heart of connecting consumers, retailers and lotteries, with the Abacus team managing integration from start to finish. Abacus believes in building long term relationships by working together to develop new and innovative solutions. By using cutting edge technology, created by forward thinking industry experts, the Abacus gateway enables lotteries and retailers to respond to the ever changing consumer market with speed, agility, reliability and integrity. Toshiba is a global leader in the supply of solutions to the retail industry. Toshiba provide their TCx Elevate platform as an integrated digital commerce platform that brings multiple channels, touchpoints and apps together to create engaging customer experiences, improve productivity and increase profits for retailers. TCx Elevate provides a bridge to a whole new generation of technologies that will power the future of commerce. The partnership between Abacus and Toshiba enables Abacus’ Fusion Platform coupled with Toshiba’s TCx Elevate to open up thousands of new lottery ticket sales points. The Abacus / Toshiba solution will do the heavy lifting, enabling existing point of sale devices within the retail environment to sell lottery products with minimal development work for the retailer or the lottery provider. Abacus CEO, Simon Butler, commented; “We believe the partnership between Abacus and Toshiba will be a great success for our lottery customers, bringing incremental sales and allowing players to buy tickets in a very convenient and simple way”

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