• The Editor

Lottery specialist Terry Presta joins Abacus North America

ABACUS Solutions International Group (ABACUS) is pleased to announce it is strengthening its position in the Lottery industry by appointing Terry Presta to lead its business activities in North America.

Terry became the Executive Director of the Kansas Lottery in January 2014 - a position he held until last month. During his last four of these five years he led the Retail Modernization Committee of NASPL. This committee was responsible for passing the Harmonization of 21-day terms which prompted Walmart to start selling lottery tickets for the first time in the USA. The committee was also promoting cashless vehicles in the lottery space and formed a working group that was responsible for passing the first Open API when NASPL API 1.0 was passed in July of 2017.

Terry also worked closely with MUSL to get the needed changes to MUSL Rule 2 to allow for plain paper receipts for the first time.

Terry said: “During my time at the Kansas Lottery I had many conversations with my industry colleagues about the need for innovation at retailer level and bringing the industry into the 21st century. I very much look forward to continuing those discussions and working with those Directors who share that vision to realise a modern platform that allows for the experimentation and implementation we now just dream of. The early adopters will be remembered as pioneers in the lottery space. I look forward to working with these pioneers as a member of the Abacus team."

Simon Butler, CEO of ABACUS, said: “We are delighted Terry is joining us. He is a great addition to the team and will contribute hugely to the growth of the business”.