• The Editor

Kansas choose Abacus Fusion

Abacus Solutions International Group (ABACUS) is pleased to announce that the Kansas Lottery has decided to implement lottery sales in-lane in supermarkets using the ABACUS Fusion platform.

Using the NASPL (North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries) API, the ABACUS Fusion platform will be integrated with the Lottery’s new, advanced central gaming system from Scientific Games, to enable in-lane sales of Kansas Lottery games in supermarkets throughout the state.

The NASPL API was developed by a working group of lottery and vendor personnel who shared a goal to increase lottery sales by providing an optimal consumer and retailer solution (particularly for multilane environments) and increase sales at underpenetrated or non-penetrated retailers. Underpinning the API’s success will be the lottery community’s willingness to interface with retailers in a “uniform and consistent manner.”

Kansas Lottery Director Terry Presta, a leading advocate for the NASPL API, said, “ABACUS will enable us to sell more tickets with no additional costs for consumers right where they check out, in-lane in supermarkets.”