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De Lotto's in-lane solution is now live

Abacus Solutions International and De Lotto are pleased to announce that the Abacus in-lane solution is now live, selling tickets with Kruidvat and The Readshop in The Netherlands.

Working with the Dutch Lottery Operator, De Lotto, Abacus is introducing a new way of selling

lottery tickets through the retailers’ existing point of sale infrastructure. De Lotto is Abacus’s first customer to adopt this new concept and is introducing its products ‘Lotto Express’ and ‘Eurojackpot Express’ with its retailers Kruidvat and The Read Shop.

In line with international developments this new way of selling enables a faster sales process

between customer and retailer. The numbers for both Lotto and Eurojackpot are selected

automatically as a ‘Quick-pick’ and the consumer will always play in the first available draw. After printing the sales receipt, the till subsequently prints the lottery ticket with the numbers that have been allocated to the consumer. This enables the consumer to play anywhere, any time.

Hannelore Jager, Sales Director for De Lotto, said: “We are always looking for innnovation and a lowthreshold way of selling. We are now combining this with Lotto Express and Eurojackpot Express. You can buy these tickets easily and quickly at the till, at the same time as paying for your normal shopping. Easy for the consumer and additional sales for the retailer. We are very excited to be introducing this concept using Abacus’s technology and services in The Netherlands in conjunction with Kruidvat and The Readshop.”

Simon Butler, CEO for Abacus, said: “ We are delighted to be working with De Lotto who are are a forward thinking lottery. Abacus’s technology is based on its Fusion Platform, a totally software based solution, offering many different opportunities for lotteries to expand their sales network, enabling them to sell lottery literally everywhere, using the retailers’ existing point of sale infrastructure without the need to invest in hardware.”

About De Lotto

De Lotto has been established 54 years ago and has the task within the contours of its responsibilities in the short and long term to ensure a maximum payment to NOC*NSF for the development of recreational and top‐sport in The Netherlands and charity organisations in the field of culture, social wellbeing and health.

For more information please visit https://www.nederlandseloterij.nl or contact Rieneke van de Laar.