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Abacus sign contract with Dutch lottery De Lotto

Dutch lottery operator, De Lotto, is the first lottery in the world to benefit from the ABACUS Fusion Platform – a game changing technology that allows retailers to integrate its lottery technology into existing Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) systems to make the lottery more visible, simplify the buying process and boost lottery sales.

Providing lottery everywhere, the deal signals the start of an exciting chapter for the lottery

industry and offers innovation in how customers purchase their tickets and play games by

putting De Lotto at multiple touch points within the shopping experience.

As an alternative to queuing at a dedicated lottery terminal, De Lotto customers will be able

to purchase lottery tickets using bar coded vouchers at multiple checkout lanes during the

checkout process with charges appearing on their receipt along with their other purchases.

The lottery ticket will be printed separately on white paper on the existing integrated EPoS


Talking about the deal, Tim Holley, ABACUS Solutions International Chairman and former

CEO of Camelot, the operators of the UK National Lottery, added:

"The ABACUS technology solution enables lottery tickets to be purchased at any Point of

Sale terminal, so massively increases the lottery terminal estate at a minimal cost.

“Integrating ABACUS technology offers lotteries huge growth potential and keeps the

lottery on the radar of customers.”

CEO of ABACUS Solutions International, Simon Butler, added:

“Modern shoppers expect convenience and with lotteries wanting to drive more sales,

integrating play options at more points of sale is the most effective way to do so.

“This will enable retailers to pick up ‘lapsed’ players, ‘occasional’ players and ‘double’

players who are tempted to have another go. Integrating more options to purchase makes

the lottery much more available and visible.”

The ABACUS Fusion platform presents a simple interface and integration into existing

retailer systems is minimal.

As part of the Dutch holding group, ABACUS Solutions International Holding BV, the opportunity with De Lotto offers ABACUS huge opportunities in the region.

De Lotto has been earning money for sports and other charities in the Netherlands since 1961. With the brands Lotto, Toto, Lucky Day, Krasloten (instant tickets) and Eurojackpot, De Lotto invests in society. Annually, De Lotto donates millions to institutions in the field of sports, culture, social welfare and public health. Over the years this amount has increased to almost 2 billion euros.

Speaking about what the deal means for De Lotto, Sales Director Hannelore Jager, said:

“By providing lottery everywhere for our retailers, we’re offering our modern customers pay and play systems that suit their busy lifestyles.

“We’re looking forward to the full integration of ABACUS’s technology and changing the mind-set of De Lotto customers.”

ABACUS is unique, employing experts from both the lottery world and the payment processing industry as well as leading software technologists. With simplicity at their core, ABACUS systems have an impressive speed to market and high levels of lottery and payment security.

The concepts, games and technology of ABACUS work in partnership with lottery organisations and their suppliers, enabling all parties to benefit from the changing and evolving shopping patterns of consumer spending.