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Abacus and Nederlandse Loterij expand their Self-Checkout estate through Kruidvat

Abacus Solutions International (Abacus) and Nederlandse Loterij are expanding the sale of lottery tickets at self-checkout tills with Kruidvat enabling their R10 NCR platform.

Kruidvat is a pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health and beauty products which also has branches in Belgium. Abacus already have an integration into Kruidvat’s staffed lanes and have aided the retailer in its move to sell through its new self-checkout platform.

There is a trend within retail to move from staffed lanes to self-checkout or self-serv lanes, and Abacus fully embraces this migration. To date Abacus have 5,000+ self-checkout lanes enabled on its platform. The Kruidvat pilot is planned to be deployed across 3 keys stores and 9 self-checkout units, and once finalised, will be rolled across their entire estate of over 900 Self-checkout units.

“We are excited to extend our integration into Kruidvat to enable their new self-checkout tills to sell lottery tickets.”, said Simon Butler, CEO, Abacus. “The Abacus in-lane program with Nederlandse Loterij is expanding with new and exciting services being added through 2022 and into 2023. This ability to embrace the trend in retail to move to self-checkout demonstrates Abacus’ ability to move with the market demands.”

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