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The Sazka Group have continued to recruit high profile people to support their bid, including Lord Sebastian Coe (former MP and Olympic Gold medallist). Abacus remains an important partner for this bid and all submissions to the Gambling Commission have been submitted.


To date Sazka has invested over £9 million in the bidding process for the UK licence under their operating brand Allwyn. Although it’s going to be a tough challenge to outbid Camelot, the current provider, their commitment remains at the highest level. If ever there was a time for a new operator it is now, and we believe that Allwyn has made a very strong bid.


Unfortunately for all of us the Gambling Commission in the UK has extended the decision process by five months so no announcement will be made until March 2022. We continue to meet with the bid team on a regular basis and Abacus will have a significant roll to play should the bid be successful. It will be Abacus’s largest contract to date and a huge springboard into a very developed lottery market.


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