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NLO remains totally committed to Abacus and our solutions, despite numerous delays in part due to their own operating difficulties and we have more projects planned to extend the range of services offered and access to more retailers.


The process of adding future enhancements to the current services will start in November when we start the process of adding functionality that includes prize redemption and pay out, instant tickets activation and sale, and sports betting through their TOTO brand. This program has been termed in-lane PLUS and will be accompanied at the point of roll-out by a comprehensive marketing campaign, increased visibility and promotional activity. We therefore remain positive about our future role with NLO.


They then plan to add new retailers including Jumbo, The Coop, Deen and Intergamma to the program. We believe that 2022 will see a marked change in the support that our service will gain, and this will filter through to increased sales and market exposure.


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