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NCR - one of the largest technology suppliers to retail globally - undertook to develop a Proof of Concept with Abacus earlier this year to be used internally to test the mood for lottery solutions developed to their platforms. The product was a big internal success, and they were given approval to develop a fully working application in partnership with Abacus.


NCR has a turnover of more than $7 billion and is the leading retail supplier of self-checkout devices and the largest provider of retail POS software globally. In addition to its global leadership, the Global POS Software 2020 report indicates that NCR has 31% market share in the grocery retail category in North America, with significant presence at both supermarket chains and convenience and fuel firms. This segment accounted for 45% of all installations globally and was aided by store expansions, a shift to smaller footprint convenience stores and increased investments in self-service technologies. A recent report also found that NCR has greater market share in Western Europe (20%) than its two closest competitors combined.


NCR is in the process of drafting a partnership agreement which we expect to see later in October and have already started to engage with some of their key retail partners across North America. We meet with their team on a regular basis to review progress. The lottery application development is expected to start in November based on the Proof of Concept and we jointly expect to have a saleable solution by March of 2022. With our other retail partners including Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, GK Software and Fujitsu, Abacus now has partnerships with all the leading retail vendors across North America.


NCR will be demonstrating the solution at the forthcoming NRF Retail Conference and Trade Fair in New York in January. The solution will be showcased on their latest self-serve point of sale solution known as the SS90, see the image of this device.

See more on the National Retail Federation (NRF) trade fair and Conference further on in this newsletter. 


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