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We recently agreed terms and are in the process of finalising our agreement with Loto Quebec in Canada to roll out a pilot project for in-lane sales on a ‘Self-Checkout’ device in partnership with the retail vendor Fujitsu. This is a huge step forward and will be an excellent shop window to the other four Provincial lotteries in Canada.


Loto Quebec is a C$1.5 billion turnover lottery and one of the more forward-thinking lotteries in Canada. They have been working on a new strategic plan to increase their retail presence through non-assisted lanes: Self-Checkout and Self-Serve. As this is a ‘pilot’, the lottery has agreed to pick up all the development costs from Abacus and Fujitsu. They will be paying Abacus C$310,000.00 for this work. The plan is to roll out the solution in two stores by the end of March 2022 to showcase the solution to other national and regional Canadian retailers. This is an exciting opportunity for Abacus and is our big break-through into the Canadian market. A formal agreement for the full roll-out of the program is based on our standard terms consisting of an annual Service Management fee of C$100,000 for the duration of the five-year agreement, plus a revenue share on gross sales of 1.5%.


We are already having a conversation with Walmart Canada who have made the strategic decision only to use Self-Checkout lanes in their stores in the future, which requires introducing 5,000 new Self-Checkout tills over the next two years. The Abacus solution is already designed to work on these devices. Costco are also committed to working with us in Canada and we remain in active talks to make this all happen in 2022.

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