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Got a question about Abacus or Lottery Everywhere? Then check here first.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lottery Everywhere?

Lottery Everywhere is Abacus’s unique fully managed service offering. Utilising our Fusion Platform, Lottery Everywhere allows Abacus to enable the sale of lottery tickets on virtually any point of sale device.

Why can’t I buy lottery everywhere that I shop?

The Abacus suite of products and method of integration makes the customer experience of buying lottery completely intuitive. By putting the sale of lottery where the consumer shops the most, Abacus make it a simple part of their natural in-store journey. There is no additional steps or process needed by either the customer or the cashier. Ticket printing or dispensing is instantaneous. Quite simply, “buy and go” Dependent of jurisdictional regulations and laws, Abacus’ entire solution is completely payment agnostic. Cash, debit or credit card are all acceptable as methods of payment. Abacus’ entire ethos is to improve the customer experience by making lottery just like any other item in the basket. What better way to improve the journey than make the lottery category the same as buying any other grocery product.

Can we increase sales and gross profit with lottery in-lane?

The Abacus solution puts lottery services where the customer shops the most, making it easily accessible as part of their in-store journey. Opening new sales channels and touch points using Abacus’ integration solutions will capture more casual players through their shopping experience, building incremental sales for all the lottery product category. Helping to target and capture a new generation of players who may not have thought of playing lottery before. All of this will help drive up sales, increasing profit and ultimately contributions to good causes.

Will putting lottery in-lane increase my overheads?

Abacus has simplicity at its heart and can help reduce operational overheads for both retailer and lottery by moving the product out of the customer service area and including it as just another item in the basket. Putting the lottery product in-lane can also help reduce shrink of stock by enabling ticket by ticket activation. Abacus’ solution is based on accepting payment before dispensing tickets. Credit and debit costs can eat into a low margin product. By putting lottery in-lane, credit and debit costs are already covered by the regular basket cost, removing the hit on the lottery margin. Standard lottery terminals require counter space, support and maintenance, all of which has an impact on cost. Utilising the existing retail ecosystem removes this headache as well as the reliance on a dedicated sales point for lottery.

How can I justify the cost of moving lottery in-lane?

By making the category the same as other retail product sets, Abacus can simplify the sale of lottery. Utilising Abacus Alchemy it can actually increase margins on the product. When credit and debit costs are allocated against the sale of just lottery tickets, they can eat into the profit for what is already a low margin item. Whilst debit and credit fees remain the same, they are now part of the existing customer basket removing the direct hit on the lottery margin and fixed costs. Moving sales in-lane therefore reduces labour and shrink when managing the product.

We’ve talked to our retailers and integrating into their systems is difficult

We agree, integrating into the retail ecosystem requires specialist skills and knowledge. It is not easy having to deal with so many disparate systems and technologies. Abacus are industry specialists in both retail and lottery integrated systems, working with all the major retail cash register vendors such as Toshiba, NCR, GK, Fujitsu to name just a few. Abacus have developed a range of lottery POS applications which are available to customers today. We are also working very closely with each of the main lottery central system vendors and are already integrated into their systems. Utilising this extensive experience of integrating into both lottery and retail environments Abacus can help simplify the roll out of any inlane program, managing the entire process from start to finish.

Isn’t it really expensive to do all the integration work?

Abacus is a cost effective solution which can actually increase the margin on lottery sales. Abacus are already integrating into all the major players in this space, making the roll out of the solution cost effective as most of the heavy lift has been done. Abacus’ modular approach to integration includes the development and deployment of various connectivity options based around our customers requirements. There are costs involved in any roll out of a new product set, but Abacus work with all parties to make these realistic and return on investment can be seen by the increase of sales through the additional touch points.

Will putting lottery in-lane slow down the queue at the cash register?

The Abacus solution allows the sale of lottery products just like any other item in the basket, making the sale of tickets part of the existing customer experience Abacus’ solution allows the printing or dispensing of tickets in real time immediately after payment is received, reducing operational issues and overheads and keeping the lane flowing. Minimal cashier training is required as the product sale is intuitive and similar to other products in the basket. Cashiers pick up the concept very quickly and Abacus work with both retailer and Lottery to reduce any operational overhead all with a view to keeping the queue at the till moving. Lottery is an age restricted product, but retailers already sell other products that require verification such as alcohol. Line of sight age verification can be used for the lottery category too, making ages checks the same as any other product.

My labor costs for the category are really high, and it is difficult to reconcile the product sales.

By adding lottery as a regular category, Abacus can take away the extra labor and shrink associated with the lottery terminal at the customer services desk. Reconciliation of sales data can be a headache especially if the retail base is spread across multiple jurisdictions which have different lottery vendors. So where possible, Abacus can provide a data reconciliation service which draws data from multiple sources and provides a single consolidated set to aid in reconciliation. This centralised access to data improves reporting and back-office accounting, speeding up the admin process and reducing errors. Abacus can, if required, also provide API access as part of a direct integration program into retail or lottery back-office systems. The options are endless and incredibly flexible.

I need to be able to expand to more than just in-lane

Abacus’ unique offering is a suite of services that expand into the retail ecosystem, increasing games, services, touchpoints and ultimately sales. Abacus attack this problem from two angles - 1. Increasing the number of sales channels will reach more customers. Associate managed in-lane is the immediate and obvious option, but expansion into self-service or self-scan can be the next logical step. Digital and eCommerce deliver can also be added to the channel list as and when everyone is ready to take the next step. 2. Abacus do not concentrate on a single product. The solution is designed to handle multiple services such as draw games with quick pick numbers and pick your own number options. Instant sales through dispenser technology and pack activation are also supported. Finally no solution would be complete without the ability to validate and redeem the tickets in store which is also supported by Abacus. Abacus support all this and more. It started with in-lane but now it is so much more.

We have multiple jurisdictions and connecting to each lottery system is different

Abacus have built a powerful and flexible solution that can be deployed and integrated with many connection options. By deploying the Abacus gateway, we can help simplify operational and technical overheads utilizing the modular technology at the heart of our product set. Pick and choose the way you want to connect to central gaming systems and retailers alike. The platform and integration is controlled and managed by Abacus from inception to deployment, removing complexity for all parties. By abstracting the retail ecosystem from the lottery central systems, Abacus can simplify the change management process should anything change. The Abacus platform can adapt to a changing ecosystem without impacting on its partners.