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Got a question about Abacus or Lottery Everywhere? Then check here first.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lottery Everywhere?

Lottery Everywhere is Abacus’s unique fully managed service offering. Utilising our Fusion Platform, Lottery Everywhere allows Abacus to enable the sale of lottery tickets on virtually any point of sale device.

What is the Abacus Fusion Platform?

The Abacus Fusion Platform is a secure, intelligent transaction processing engine which allows multiple retail points of sale to connect dynamically to the central gaming engine with a minimal amount of development work from the lottery provider.

What is Abacus's Fully Managed Service?

Abacus offers its service as a fully managed service. We project manage the entire solution from start to finish, and work with the CGS provider and the retailer to deliver a full end to end solution.

How much effort is required by the Central Gaming Supplier?

Very little development effort is required by the CGS provider. As long as they have a securely published API gateway to connect to the central systems, Abacus undertakes all the development work to connect to the systems and process tickets.

What EPoS systems does Abacus support?

Abacus is EPoS agnostic, which means the Fusion Platform can connect to virtually any make or model of retailer EPoS system. Abacus recognize each retailer is unique and we work closely with the retail development team to integrate our solution on behalf of the lottery.

Does Abacus support the new NASPL API?

Yes. Abacus has been a strong advocate of the NASPL API from day one, and advises on every one of the subcommittee groups. The Abacus Fusion Platform can use either its own proprietary API or the NASPL API to connect to retailers.

How much does the Abacus solution cost?

Abacus recognises every lottery and jurisdiction is unique and therefore has a flexible approach when it comes to its pricing model. If you want to discuss our pricing structure in more detail please contact us.

How do I find out more about what other services Abacus provides?

Abacus is more than happy to arrange a short presentation on its solution and discuss options going forward. Please contact us.